When a student completes all of the requirements associated with the student’s declared program of study, the student is eligible for graduation. Graduation requirements for all Lincoln College programs are listed in the course catalog declared by the student and confirmed on the most recent student registration form. Students must apply for graduation the semester prior to their anticipated graduation date.

Students should work closely with their academic advisor throughout their academic careers at Lincoln College-Normal to be sure that they are meeting all program requirements. Although the College does offer academic advisement for all students and provide an academic checkpoint for graduating students, it is the individual student’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is meeting graduation requirements and making progress toward his/her degree/certificate objective. The advising of students is a service provided them and does not relieve students of their responsibility to make certain they are meeting the requirements.

When you complete all graduation requirements, your diploma will be produced and forwarded to you by mail within approximately ten to twelve weeks after the ceremony.

Diploma covers are handed out during the Commencement ceremony. If you choose not to attend Commencement, you may request that a cover be mailed with your diploma. If money is owed to the College, a diploma will not be mailed until the Business Office releases the hold on the account. Please contact the Business Office at (217) 732-3155, ext. 225 with any questions.